Elections will not be: how Poroshenko won before the start of the election campaign

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Less than in a month, the election campaign of candidates for the presidency of Ukraine officially starts in Ukraine. This event is one of the most important in the political life of the country, and therefore political intrigues around it develop seriously.

About 30 candidates expressed their intention to run for the post. Political parties are beginning to form coalitions with the intention of nominating common candidates.

Among the list of candidates, it is probably worth highlighting those who have the greatest chances of getting into the second round: this is the current president Petro Poroshenko, the leader of the Batkivshchyna party, Yulia Timoshenko, the former defense minister and the candidate from the Civic position party, Anatoly Gritsenko and !!! showmen Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and Vladimir Zelensky.

In addition, such candidates as Oleg Lyashko and the so-called «pro-Kremlin representatives» of oppositionists – Rabinovich, Dobkin, Boyko are worth mentioning separately. According to opinion polls, they have quite good indicators of about 5% of the vote, but no one have chances to pass into the second round. Lyashko, moreover, can still properly spoil the election statistics of Yulia Tymoshenko and O. Gritsenko.

The comedian Zelensky and the musician Vakarchuk as individuals, of course, are good and respected people, but the ambitions to qualify for the presidency …. It is known that they are the proteges of Igor Kolomoisky and George Soros, respectively. They can hardly be qualified as real candidates. Most likely this is an economic project to increase its influence on the political situation in Ukraine.

Anatoly Gritsenko, according to opinion polls, has indicators at the level of 7% of the vote, which promises good chances of reaching the second round. But that’s all. Gritsenko has no real chance of winning. He does not have a developed regional infrastructure. The previous two attempts to run for office showed that with the start of the election campaign his ratings fall down.

The most realistic candidates, between which the main struggle will probably flare up, are Yulia Timoshenko and Petro Poroshenko.

Recently, various rating agencies conducted a large number of opinion polls, the results of most of which are headed by Yulia Timoshenko with a small margin. This campaign is already the third for her. And after the first attempt, when she was a direct competitor of Viktor Yanukovich, Yulia Vladimirovna was imprisoned.

Already before the start of the election campaign, we can surely talk about her release in the second round. The «New Deal of the Country» election program offers a «new people’s constitution», a «new economic course», a «new world strategy» and an «ecosystem of human life» and is the most voluminous election program. Most of the ideas of the «New Deal» are innovative, relevant and necessary for Ukraine. Although it is worth noting that the theses of the program on Ukraine’s entry into NATO and the EU pushed away a significant part of their pro-Russian electorate.

And finally, the current head of state Petro Poroshenko. What is he ready to offer the Ukrainians? The postulates of his program can probably be called: «Army, language, faith». The president has his own electorate, he has his own political party with a well-established program. At present, his ratings and, accordingly, his election results depend on the situation in society. And it is currently not in the best condition. The standard of living of the population is rapidly falling. Social guarantees from the state are less.

The reform of the army failed, the long-awaited visa-free regime with the EU did not bring the expected results. The development program of the Ukrainian language led to a quarrel with neighboring states. The road to the EU and NATO is still long and does not promise any special prospects. Another trump card in the form of granting independence to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church brought new tensions in the society. The president is also responsible for the operation of the combined forces in the east of the country. And here, too, he has nothing to brag about.

And further. The situation in the Azov Sea. It was already tense and was on the verge of escalation. November 25, there was a collision of three Ukrainian boats while following them from Berdyansk to Mariupol with the ships of the frontier service of Russia. Both sides called the situation a provocation. Trials will be conducted and will certainly identify the culprit.

However, the conflict that occurred gave rise to the head of state to impose martial law. As a result of an emergency meeting, the National Security and Defense Council voted to impose martial law for a period of 30 days.

Moreover, while maintaining the threat of martial law may be extended. In this case, there will be no election.

The question remains, will martial law be abolished upon expiration of the 30-day period? And it will probably depend on the ratings of candidates. Indeed, without confidence in the victory Poroshenko is unlikely to allow elections.

Authorship: Vitaliy Timoschuk
Source: WolneMedia.net

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If I recall Yulia Timoshenko has serius charges regarding stealing public money from public company she was leading.
She was also charged for comissioning assasination of Jewhen Szczerban, politician from opposite group from Donieck.
Current president is no better.
Is anyone on Ukraine which is not involved in businness/crime/political relations?

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