Zelensky, Timoshenko, Poroshenko – 1 April only one of them will stay

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In two months, Ukraine will elect its next president. Who will be choosed and how will the life of ordinary citizens change after that is hard to say.

And, although the registration of candidates is not yet finished, now we can clearly identify the top three, who will argue for entering the second round. This is the current president Petro Poroshenko, the leader of the Batkivshchina party, Yulia Timoshenko, and former actor and showman Vladimir Zelensky.

What can we say about the leaders? Petro Poroshenko has his own political party with an established political program. It’s main theses can be called “Language, army, faith.” The electorate of the current president is clearly formed, but does not allow him to get closer to the leadership and in the intermediate ratings he is constantly in third place. His election results directly depend on the situation in society. And it brings bad news to Petro Alekseevich . Social guarantees for the population are less and less, tariffs for utilities and prices are rising before our eyes. The state is on the verge of default because of huge debts to creditors.

The situation on the personal front is much better for the head of the state. During the presidency, he subdued the courts, stretched the ATO for 4 years (he promised to finish it in one or two years), became richer by 7 times, made his son a deputy, and the godfather the prosecutor, built the new Roshen plant. P. Poroshenko can boast of the introduction of a visa-free regime with the EU, the consolidation of the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine at the state level and the acquisition of the Tomos of autocephaly by the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.

At present, the president’s managerial style can be described as “whoever is not with us is against us.” According to this principle, campaigning in state institutions, including the army, the education system, etc., begins. In these spheres, the head of state has enough leverage to encourage state employees to take his side.
The election program of Yulia Timoshenko’s “New Deal of the Country” proposes the introduction of a new “people’s” constitution, economic course, world strategy and ecosystem of human life. It is proposed to create new, fair rules of life and their approval by the citizens of the country. Most of the ideas of the “New Deal” are innovative, relevant and necessary for Ukraine.

Many of the promises are clearly populist. For example, one of the first bills in the event of the election of Yulia Vladimirovna as president should be an initiative to reduce the price of Ukrainian gas for Ukrainians twice. And she assures that this can be done within a month after her coming to power. Among Yulia Timoshenko’s promises are also the return of Donbass, the struggle for the return of Crimea, the creation of fair courts, the elimination of corruption, the increase in social guarantees for the population, the reduction of utility bills…

However, the analysis conducted by the “Word and Case” group shows that during her political career, Timoshenko made 292 promises, of which 77 fulfilled, and 93 failed. Another 122 of her promises are in the process of fulfillment. That is, the politician was able to realize 26% of their obligations. In the overall rating of the responsibility of people’s deputies of Ukraine, Timoshenko ranks 277th (between Oleg Lyashko and Sergey Kaplin).

The main feature of the pre-election program of the showman Vladimir Zelensky is a bias towards direct democracy. He spelled it all out in simple words in a few sentences. Maybe due to this fact he entered the first position in the intermediate ranking. And, frankly speaking, I want to believe him. But!!! The actor has revealed an undeclared business in Russia, real estate and foreign accounts. However, like all other candidates.

All the candidates are united by one thing – it is the holy dollar (well, or the euro), a ringing coin in its own wallet or bitcoin on a virtual account. All the same, in whatever form, if only for themselves. Therefore, it is unlikely that the parties will refrain from buying votes and frauds with the voting results.

Personally, I vote for a certain faceless candidate. Let him be in a black mask, balaclava and embroidery, but fulfilling his promises, at least by half. Maybe this is too fantastic, but I am for someone who will invest their assets in the national economy, and not in the offshore companies whose family will live and work in the country.

Authorship: Vitaliy Timoschuk
Source: WolneMedia.net


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