Björn Höcke as the reason for the failure of the ultra-right Alternative for Germany in the European Parliament elections

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On May 26, citizens of the European Union countries elected a new European Parliament. The alignment of forces in it will be noticeably different from the former. Although ultra-right has failed to achieve a significant majority, as expected, in general, their presence in the European Parliament will increase…

In France, the Marin Le Pen’s “National Association” is leading. And in Italy – separatists from the “League of the North” by Matteo Salvini. From Catalonia to parliament passed the leader of the fighters for independence from Spain, Carles Pucdemon.

But not so well established in Germany, where the ultra-right party “Alternative for Germany” lost support for voters. Although, perhaps, it was expected, because the image of this party is constantly suffering because of the policy pursued by the leaders of this association. More than once the members of this party attracted attention.

For example, the well-known personality of Björn Höcke. This is the leader of the Alternative for Germany party in Thuringia. He repeatedly attracted the attention of the media. In January of this year, the Federal Security Service even began a check on him because of the fact that the statements of this policy are directed against the democratic constitutional order of the country.

Taking into account the fact that he is a patriot of his country and is proud of being a German, Höcke has repeatedly opposed the migrants. He regularly visits the mmetings of European Patriots Against Islamization of the West organisation.

He also focuses on Africans, arguing that their “fertility” can lead to overpopulation and become a threat to Germany.

In 2017, Björn Höcke found himself at the center of a scandal after criticizing the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin. He stated that “the Germans are the only people on the planet who erected a monument to their disgrace in the capital of the country.”

We can recall another scandal involving Björn Höcke. According to media reports, the right wing of the Alternative for Germany (AfG) party (Björn Höcke’s wing) went around the official organs of the AfG in order to raise money for its activities. So, to Höcke’s account came several thousand euros. He himself did not comment on this case. Alice Weidel, co-chairman of the AfG fraction in the Bundestag, was transferred to the election campaign for a total of about 130,000 euros from Switzerland. Everything seems to be well, but financing of German parties by citizens who do not live in the EU is illegal.

Although this is not the only financial scandal of German right-wing populists. In Germany, in May 2019, Lobby Control drew attention to the fact that the politicians AfG Jörg Meuten and Guido Reil were likely to receive covert campaign assistance. It should be noted that Moiten was the leading candidate of the European Parliament for the elections to the European Parliament, and Reil was the second in the list of candidates.

But let us return to the personality of one of the most radical and scandalous representatives of the AfG party, Björn Höcke.

Certainly, the politician adhered to such an extremely right position not being in politics. When he was not yet so popular, Björn Höcke published his materials in the NDPG (the ultra-right National Democratic Party of Germany) newspaper. Höcke was published under the pseudonym Landolf Ladig, but journalist Andreas Kemper was able to expose him.

The federal constitution protection agency stated that the texts written by the author by the name of Landolf Ladig, no doubt, express an anti-constitutional position. The journalist Andreas Kemper studied AfG for several years and conducted his own investigation regarding Höcke himself. He is sure that Landolf Ladig is just a pseudonym, and Björn Höcke is hidden under the mask. The constitution protection agency fully endorses the analysis of the journalist. According to Kemper, Höcke was published there while he was still an obscure history teacher.

He also published his materials in the Eichsfeld-Stimme newspaper (this is a right-wing newspaper, the first also belongs to the NDPG). In addition, it was published in newspapers and magazines by the famous neo-Nazi Torsten Heise, the vice chairman of the NDPG in Germany and the head of the NDPG in the land Thuringia. A remarkable fact is that right-wing extremist organizations Thuringian Self-Defense and the National Socialist Underground appeared in the NDPG environment. Heise himself is one of the ideologues of the all-European right-wing terrorist organization Combat 18.

Landolf Ladig has published 3 articles in these journals. They relate to 2011-2012. For example, in the first he writes that Germany was attacked twice: in the First and Second World Wars. And they attacked because the Germans were a hardworking people, whom everyone envied. In World War II, the first anti-globalization movement developed with Nazism. And it was so successful that the Nazi state was captured.

All this once again proves that Höcke extends his hand to the neo-Nazi movement in some way. But as long as the NDP does not manage to get votes in elections and win public confidence, there is no need to talk about any danger here. And so now, we should not allow Höcke to impose his AfG political line, which is not a neo-Nazi, but a right-wing populist movement. After all, this ultimately can become a threat not only for Germany, but also for Europe as a whole.

But in order to really understand what political goals the ultra-right politician of the AfG party pursues and what secret ties he has, you just need to get a better look at this character…

Authorship: Vitaliy Timoschuk

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